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Day 3 - The 6th Day of July, Anno Domini 2023

On the third day, RangerRac00n once again joined our realm, present in both the game and Discord, ever as silent as the night sky. Our shared Dynmap gaze fell upon his home for the first time - an architectural marvel of geometric rings that stirred intrigue.

However, this day would be marked by a peculiar encounter. Kathe_II, our fellow operator engrossed in her build, chanced upon RangerRac00n while he adorned part of her Saturnine Crypt with anvils. In her own words, "I caught him in the act. I peacefully approached him, he crouched in the water and threw eggs at me until he drowned."

This act, this perceived assault using a stack of eggs, was as confounding as his silent demeanor. Then, in a baffling display of self-destruction, RangerRac00n allowed the watery depths to claim his life, even as Kathe_II voiced a desperate plea, "gotta surface, dude!"

In the aftermath of this bewildering incident, Kathe_II, ever the benevolent, asked, "Do I need to box up your stuff, RangerRac00n?" Her words met no response as RangerRac00n exited the game. Upon boxing up his possessions, Kathe_II unearthed an odd signed boon titled "-", the content of which was but a single, slightly offset ellipse on the first page. This discovery deepened the enigma that was RangerRac00n.

In remembrance, I, Folkhack, erected a shrine for RangerRac00n's corpse chest, endowing it with enchanted apples and a message of peace translated into popular tongues, "WE MEAN YOU NO HARM", accompanied by a small stack of ender chests.

During this time, TovarishCorbyn embarked on an expedition, carried by elytra, to RangerRac00n's island base. Upon arrival, a startling sight met his eyes - our gifted American flag, aflame, a clear act of defiance and hostility. The bestowed pickaxes and diamond ore were nowhere to be seen.

The day ended, leaving us all in bewilderment at RangerRac00n's actions and his silent but loud statement of defiance.