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Day 2 - The 5th Day of July, Anno Domini 2023

The second day brought no change to RangerRac00n's behavior. Our silent raccoon once again graced the server and Discord. Yet, amidst his reticence, a unique bond seemed to form. TovarishCorbyn bestowed upon RangerRac00n the titles of "best friend he never had" and "favorite person on the server," despite the continued silence.

The mystery of RangerRac00n sparked a whirlpool of conjecture among us, particularly as he sat, perpetually muted, in our Discord voice chat. Our silent companion's behavior had transformed into the server's grand enigma, every action adding another layer to the mystery.

On this day, RangerRac00n was seen frequenting the 1.20 spawn, but only in the absence of others. It was as if he were observing our movements, awaiting our departure before daring to claim the communal resources. We noticed his inclination for subterranean travel, likely utilizing the tunnel crafted on the previous day to traverse between his nascent base and spawn.

We believe the chests we gifted are untouched, their positions unchanged as confirmed by Dynmap. And despite RangerRac00n's several dances with death during the day, he remained stoic in his silence, spurning any offers of assistance.

As dusk descended on this peculiar day, our silent raccoon retired from both game and Discord. The day had been bereft of noteworthy events, yet it managed to amplify our collective curiosity. RangerRac00n's continued silence was not just uncanny; it bordered on the absurd, serving only to deepen the mystery surrounding him.

TovarishCorbyn and Folkhack strongly consider adding RangerRac00n as a server operator.