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Documenting Builds & Areas


  • Documentation should be primarily done as lists but feel free to break format!
  • Builds are player creations, Areas are clusters of builds; both are represented by "Shelves"
  • Builds
    • What to choose as a book: organized by closest spawn/area or in "One-offs" if it's a standalone build
    • What to put on build page:
      • World x, y, z; ex: "100, 200, 150"
      • The area it is in; ex: "In 2010-2011 - Alpha Prospect"
      • Who built it (could be many people); ex: "By folkhack"
      • Transportation network info; ex: "Rail line to 2010-2011 Alpha Spawn"
      • ...then the history!
      • Tags
        • Right hand sidebar tag icon
        • Click on tag name to get a list of existing tags, or create new ones if needed
        • Tags should be areas, eras, players - any taxonomy that makes sense to organize builds by
  • Areas
    • TODO: Need to figure out how to organize builds to areas... areas shelf or book

Linking to "Entities"

The wiki software we use calls pages that you can link to "entities" - ie: books or pages.

  • Place your cursor where you want to add the link or select text that you would like to turn into a link
  • Click the chain icon in the editor toolbar
  • Click the up-arrow to the right of the URL field and search for the book or page you would like to link
  • When selected it will fill in all of the fields for you (URL, etc)

Uploading Images:

  • Use F1 to hide your UI if you're taking a screenshot!
  • Use a reasonable landscape resolution - the upload limit is 10Mb but we'd like to cap images at 1-4Mb if possible
  • Feel free to use shaders!
  • Get creative =)
  • Tips:
    • Use freecam for good angles
    • Use zoom to modify your FOV as you would with a camera lens: Tweakeroo zoom, Optifine zoom etc.
    • Try unique shots; here's some ideas:
      • Fully top-down
      • Showing how a build blends into it's environment
      • Composition, rule of 2/3rds, unique placement of subject