Fidgety_Fellow Taunts the Gods

7-7-2023 - by Folkhack

In the fantastical and pixellated realm of Folkhack's server, amidst the endless expanse of cubic lands, there stood an impressive lightning rod. Not just any lightning rod, mind you, but one stationed strategically beside the grandeur of the bustling train station at 1.20 spawn.

This day was to be like no other. An adventurer by the name of Kathe_II, known also by her whimsical nom de plume, Fidgety_Fellow, found herself standing bold and defiant beside the rod. The heavens above were a tempestuous canvas of grey, thunder began bellowing in the distance.

"Fear not the wrath of the heavens," Fidgety_Fellow addressed the virtual crowd with a flair of the dramatic. "God himself is scared! He won't dare strike me down!" Her voice echoed against the dark oak forest of 1.20 spawn, a challenge thrown at the feet of the divine.

A beat of silence followed, then another, then another.

Without warning, the silence was shattered as the skies retaliated. A flash of light, a crack of sound, and in less than five seconds following her audacious claim, Fidgety_Fellow was promptly struck by a bolt of lightning, her cuboid figure momentarily illuminated against the grim sky. It was an event so astounding, even the creepers paused in their tracks.

Witnessing this divine comedy was none other than TovarishCorbyn, another resident of Folkhack's server, who stood shell-shocked, barely containing his pixelated laughter. His pickaxe dropped from his hand, clinking against the ground as he stood mouth agape at the electrifying spectacle.

Stunned, smoking slightly from the celestial voltage, Fidgety_Fellow found her health bar diminished to a precarious pair of hearts, the once jovial rhythm of her life now a rapid-fire beat, reminiscent of a hyperactive bunny. She muttered a simple, "jaysus," her voice barely more than a rasp. All traces of her earlier bravado had vanished, replaced by the shocked humility that follows a conversation with the gods.

Then, with a sheepish grin that seemed more pixelated than ever before, she turned to the still-chuckling TovarishCorbyn. "I didn't think that would happen," she admitted, sheepishly scratching the back of her blocky head. "I'll...uh, I'll keep my mouth shut now."

And thus, a lesson was learned that fateful day: on Folkhack's server, one does not simply taunt the gods, especially when standing next to a lightning rod in a thunderstorm. For the hearts may regenerate, but the embarrassment? That, dear friends, lasts an eternity.

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